Aquanza offers a wide range of services starting from the initial stage of engineering and design to construction and installation. We thoroughly understand our client's requirements and resources and will develop and deliver projects in a number of different ways. We integrate state-of- the art technologies in water and waste water treatment that can be easily and quickly deployed at varies Projects with minimal field construction time. We routinely performs feasibility studies as a part of the proposal process to clients that are investigating various options for treating water/wastewater. For clients that prefer the design-bid-build route of project delivery, we have the resources to perform either the design engineering or the construction of the project. For clients looking for a rapid execution with a single point of accountability for the complete project, we have the resources to deliver the project as a design-builder, complete with performance guarantees. For clients that do not have the resources to finance a project - or for those clients that do not want to assume the risk of performance of a project, we can arrange financing and deliver the project on a BOT basis. In short, Aquanza aims to help its Clients to focus on their core business by assuming the responsibility of ensuring constant compliance with environmental health, safety and effluent discharge regulations.