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About Us

Aquanza offers a complete range of water and wastewater solution utilizing innovative and latest equipment and technologies across a wide spectrum of applications. As tightening water quality regulations are challenging the limit of conventional treatment systems, we provide cost-effective systems and services that help optimize operational efficiency and lower life-cycle costs.

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We are capable to deliver projects in sectors such as Oil & Gas, Power, Brewers, Public Authority, Municipalities, Food & DairyIndustry, Hotel Industry, Industrial Parks, Ports, Chemical & Petro Chemical Industries, etc. The company has also developed the capability to involve projects funded by Multinational bodies like the World Bank, UN, ADB, etc.

We have a complete in-house expertise and resources with in- depth knowledge in the disciplines of Sanitary,Environmental, Water supply/distributions, structural, electrical, Process Design & Engineering, Mechanical, Projects, Planning, HSE, Safety and other Engineering disciplines.

Our Services

– Equipment Design/Section and system supply for water supply and treatment.
– Process know-how, Equipment Design, and system supply for wastewater collection and treatment.
– Equipment supply and on-site fabrication of water and wastewater treatment facilities.
– Construction, Installation, and start-up of water and wastewater treatment equipment and systems.
– Operation & Maintenance of WTP’s/STP’s/ WWTP’s
– Renovation &Modernization of WTP’s/STP’s/ WWTP’s